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Google 5 star reviews for Castellini Interior Design
*Home featured on* - Kitchen Renovation

"Paige assisted us with planning our kitchen renovation. She suggested a layout that greatly improved the function of the kitchen which included the addition of a large island. Most important for many kitchen renovations, she determined how to make significant changes to our kitchen's layout without resulting in substantial plumbing and electrical costs. The cook of the family, my husband, who didn't want to move a single thing in the old kitchen, truly loves his new kitchen.  "


Dawn N.

Covington, Ky


Dear Paige,

 The office renovation turned out incredible!  Everyone likes the office.  Sometimes I just sit in the reception room in disbelief.

Dr. A. Dine

Fairfield, Ohio Dental Office

Prosthetic Doctor's Office Remodel

Paige was wonderful! She came in and re-designed my 1600 sq. ft. office space. She formulated a plan that included cosmetic design, a new and improved workflow, as well as, the functionality patterns that best suited the needs of my clients, This was a major improvement renovation, and she implemented her plan as expected within the time she proposed.

Aaron Moles- Owner/MD Prosthetix Shop

CIncinnati, Ohio

Master Bdrm & Living Room

"Paige is amazing! She really listened to our vision, and created it exactly. She is flexible, creative, and great with color, pattern, and vision. Our bedroom is exactly the oasis we dreamed about. Paige responds to emails in a very timely manner, and has great follow through. We love everything that Paige has done for us."


Renee K.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Semi-Bathroom Makeover

"Love, love, love working with Paige! I’ve worked with Paige on a few projects now and will continue to work with her on my interior decorating needs. I’ve worked with other decorators in the past who have been so pushy, so opinionated, and would not listen to my wants/needs as the person who actually lives in the home – what they say goes. Paige is so not like any of those decorators! Paige listens and is very patient. She welcomes any idea you may have and incorporates it into the project. One of the projects Paige did for me was a master bathroom remodel … trying to pick out coordinating bathroom fixtures, tile and paint colors was so overwhelming to me as there are so many options to choose from. Paige knew the look I was going for and narrowed down the options … if there wasn’t something I liked, she would present other options … no problem at all … no added pressure! My master bathroom is night and day of what it used to be … I am so happy how it turned out! Paige is the best = I highly recommend you working with Paige!  "

Cindy B.

Park Hills, Ky

Full-Home Makeover

"Paige works within your budget, she repurposes items you would never have considered and turns them into art. She is a true professional with a "girlfriend" flair. I enjoyed every moment.  "

Diane W.

Landen, Ohio

Living Room Remodel 

"Paige was my first experience working with an interior designer, and she was amazing. She really took the time to get to know me and my tastes, which made me feel as if the work was going to be a reflection of my style. I had Paige work on my living room, and when people walk in now; they are love the room. Everyone wants the color that Paige chose for my room. They love it. I bought a house and Paige helped to give me a home. I can't wait to do more projects with her. She is professional, creative, and has great design & problem-solving skills. All of the things that anyone should look for in a designer."

Nik Green

Cincinnati, Ohio

Worth it!

I was at a point where I had completely lost all love for my house. When I walked in, I didn't feel at home. I decided to do a complete overhaul and make my house my own. That's when I called Paige. I was hesitant to partner with an interior designer due to the cost, but was well worth it! Paige helped me make the right furniture selections for the space, select colors for the walls, and with the placement of the finishing touches- while staying on budget! There were some items and paint colors that I never would have considered, and I am glad Paige pushed me a little out of my comfort zone. The finished product is AMAZING! I can't wait to go home every night and relax in my new space. Thanks, Paige! "

Laura K.

CIncinnati, Ohio

2nd Home - Pre Move-in Remodel, Kitchen Renovation

"I can't recommend Paige enough! First, she helped me get our Oakley house ready for sale. In about 2 hours, we picked paint colors and she went room by room and told me everything that I should do. So, of course, once we moved, I had to have her redo the new house! She is fast, efficient, affordable and I love the results (as do many others, based on the number of compliments we receive!). Paige made everything look good - something I could never have done on my own. Next up is the kitchen renovation!"


1st Home - Bathroom Remodel, Market Ready

"Paige is a lifesaver. She picked all of our paint colors in the first session. Each of her choices turned out better than I imagined - she sized up our style and needs immediately. As my fiance said, shopping with her was worth every last penny. Her prices are so reasonable and for people who are clueless about Home Depot, Paige is essential in helping make all the choices! I would not hesitate to use her again or to recommend her."

Monica Schneider

Cincinnati, Ohio

Whole Home- Color Selections

"I'll be honest. My initial thoughts of interior designers are overpriced, pretentious, artsy folks who really don't care what you want but would rather tell you what they "know" will work in your space. We were looking to paint several rooms in our house and wanted to go a little bolder but keep within our style. Paige blew all my misperceptions out of the water. She came prepared and asked questions really trying to get a feel for what we wanted. She walked us through the process of picking colors without rushing through it. She found us a great painter and even managed the relationship and setting up the appointments for both the bid and the actual work. Most importantly, I got great professional advice that was affordable. And I don't mean affordable in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. I mean affordable in that when I heard how much her services were, I said "really..that's it". We highly recommend PC Design and Paige and can't wait to work with her in the future should the need arise."

Barry Kirschner

Cincinnati, Ohio

Dining Room and Home Office

"Paige is a fantastic designer and a real profession. She really did a great job helping us design and remodel the office and dining room. I have always been a little afraid of color and she really helps me open up to the possibilities. See chose the paint color in the dining room and then new decorations so that it is warm and inviting. She remolded the office with hardwood, paint, new office furniture and decoration so that the room would be more open and area. For the affordable, it is well work the results!"

Kelly Marsh

Triple Crown, Ky


"Paige is really gifted about using what you have and moving it to create a better look. She also helped us choose the correct flooring color for wood floor redo."

Julie H.

Lebanon, Ohio

Whole Home Makeover

"Paige was wonderful to work with! She was patient with me and my husband...which I commend her for. We had no idea what we wanted and she reigned us in and helped us make some decisions. I plan to have her back soon!  "

Kay F.

Loveland, Ohio

Full Home-Consultation/Accessorizing/Design

Paige is excellent to work with and I would highly recommend her. Paige truly excels at balancing expensive pieces with lower priced items and reusing what you already have. The makeover in a day transformed my first floor and I didn't have to buy any additional items. Paige is also good at picking up on her client's style and proposing designs that fit that style. Paige also helped me select great colors for my entire home. Working with Paige is a great experience."

Ali A.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Apartment Building Renovation

"Hi Paige - Just wanted to say that I "LOVE" working with you. It's very exciting to be on the same Paige! We can make this be spectacular! Thanks for sharing the vision!"

Barbara S.

Cincinnati, Ohio

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Whole Home Makeover

"My "project" started out "small" and grew and grew and grew and Paige was right there with me, coaching all along the way. The result of my total house "redo" is absolutely amazing and I have Paige to thank from the bottom of my heart. I love, love, love my new space every day. OUTSTANDING!!"

Becky G. Poast

Cincinnati, Ohio

Family Room-Full Makeover and Kitchen: Color & Accessorizing.

"It has been a pleasure working with Paige while renovating our family room and kitchen. She has helped us realize a vision for our space that we love and never would have accomplished without her help. Paige has helped coordinate every step of the process which made the renovation as seamless and stress-free as possible. Highly recommended! "

S & J Allmon

Cincinnati, Ohio

OfficeRemodel Selections & Design

"We contacted PC Design to help us with our need to change the look of our company (dating back to the 80's). Everyone was impressed with the new look and the affordability that PC Design delivered. My personal experience in working with PC Design made me feel we were their only client at the time. I am glad we select such a knowledgeable and flexible company to work with us. I would certainly use them for future needs!"

Stan Coley - ITW

Blue Ash, Ohio

Open Floor Plan Design & Furnishing

"Paige helped me with my dining and living areas in my city condo. She was my 3rd attempt at using a designer and I have to say the only one I have been pleased with. She is so easy to work with and made the process fun. I love my space and plan to have her help me design my bathroom in a couple of years! "

Mary Jo D.

East Walnut Hills, Ohio

Reception Remodel

"We can't thank Paige enough for the great work she did remodeling the lobby of our dental office. She was fun to work with and really caught our vision quickly. We were on REALLY tight deadlines, and things were pretty seamless working with Paige to get everything done. Our patients and staff love the room. Thanks for making our vision a reality, Paige! "

Jessica Brooks - Anderson Dental

Cincinnati, OHio

Dining Room/Game Room/All Over Paint Colors

"Paige was wonderful! Very patient with how slow we were moving on the project and helped us get the look and feel that we wanted. "

Shannon C.

Anderson, Ohio

Full-Home Consultation

It is so nice to find a designer with a great eye, but also one that will work within your budget. Her designs are beautiful and practical!"

Jennifer Walker

Anderson, Ohio

Full-Home Color Selections

"Paige was an immense help to us in selecting paint colors for our recently renovated house. The paint colors keep true to the historic period of our house and flow well from room to room. We often get compliments from visitors regarding our paint choices. Paige definitely helped take the stress out of this task. Money well spent! "

Karen Gross Majors

Newport, Ky

Family Room & Living Room Remodel

"We initially called Paige not knowing exactly what we wanted. We knew we wanted to update and modernize several of the living spaces in our 1929 house, but weren't sure where to start. From the beginning Paige was fantastic, asking us what type of spaces we wanted and walking us through all of the various decor options. She brought a real sense of order to the project which was desperately needed! The results speak for themselves. We now have living spaces that feel modern and functional and have Paige to thank for that! We certainly won't hesitate to call Paige again when we're ready to update!   "

Blake B.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Custom Window Treatments

I have known Paige for at least20 years.She is professional when working with or for you.She is thorough in her research concerning the work she is doing for you.She does excellent work, and he excited to work with you, offers ideas and it is most important that she meets your needs, and that you are completely satisfiedPaige has worked on draperies for me and re-upolstering. Her kindness, pleasantness enhances the experience in working with Paige."

Sandy W.

Montgomery, Ohio

Living Room, Dining Room - D.I.A.D;  Kitchen- Suggestions & Oversee Client DIY, Whole Home Color Selections....

"I have used PC Designs several times. Paige really listens to what my needs are and the outcome is always wonderful. What I like best is that she uses my items and makes them fresh and beautiful. I feel like I am living in my home and not someone else's. I love the "Design in a Day." It's awesome to come home to a new room. "

Jennifer V.

Villa Hills, Ky

Custom Window Treatments, Dining Room - Full Remodel, Whole Home- Color Selections & Kitchen Renovation Selections...

"I have enjoyed working with Paige for all those design decisions that can seem overwhelming at times. She is easy to work with and always offering the best approach with the best bang for the buck. Thanks, Paige!"

Liz Goodrich

Cincinnati, Ohio

Kitchen Remodel, Custom Window Treatments, Dining Room Remodel and New Home Kitchen Makeover...

"Paige did a fantastic job of locating new furniture for us that matched our existing pieces - I could have never done this myself. Paige has also done a great job of recommending and installing curtains and wall paint colors for us. People are constantly telling us how much they love our curtains that Paige located for us. 

Chris McDowell

Cincinnati, Ohio

Semi-Kitchen Remodel

"PC Design,  helped us to remodel our kitchen. Paige had such great ideas and was so easy to work with. Since I am pregnant, have a toddler and work full time it was a blessing to be able to count on Paige to take care of any problems that arose. She did all the scheduling, got all the estimates, and helped us make our selections. It was so easy!  Thanks Paige! We love our new kitchen. "

Stephanie Bowman

Anderson, Ohio -

Whole Home, Market Ready

"Paige was such an asset when my husband and I were putting our house on the market. Her decor ideas and color choices for the carpeting we installed were perfect – we sold our house in one day!"

Nicole Howe

Cincinnati, Ohio

Whole Home Accessorizing

"We had completed a large remodeling project but we couldn't figure out how to decorate it. Paige was really helpful. In a very short time, she rearranged our shelves (with stuff we already owned), arranged family pictures on the wall, and helped us pick out shades and a chandelier. Simple things that now make our house feel like a home! It was great working with Paige."

Jenny P

CIncinnati, Ohio

"LinkedIn Recommendations"

"We highly recommend Paige. She picked out paint colors for our walls and then helped us by creatively rearranging our furniture. The result is a downtown condo that now looks great." Service Category: Interior Design Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative"

Tom T.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Color Selections

"Paige is a creative as well as practical professional who, while being enthusiastic and knowledgeable about her work, is most considerate and helpful with your own ideas as well. She pays attention to details and is accommodating on time schedules. I enjoyed working with Paige."

Janet C.

Cincinnati, Ohio

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