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Design Services Offered


Simple approach... when needing Advice and a little Guidance

Are you a DIY'er that needs help and direction, but YOU want to implement the design yourself?

Any step of the process, we can come in and help.  Whether you are looking for: 

  • Color Advice

  • Furniture Placement

  • Artwork

  • Accessorizing

  • Planning Stages

  • and more.....

Any aspect you need help with, we are here!

Residential Interior Design

We make it easy and achievable to complete your project...the last thing we want is for you to feel overwhelmed!

Looking for Help with your Home Makeover or Renovation?

  • Full-Scale Remodels

  • Kitchens

  • Baths

  • Living Room & Dining Design

  • Master Bedroom Design

  • Master & Bath Design

  • Empty Space, or What we like to call... WHAT DO WE DO WITH THIS SPACE...Design


Any aspect or all, we can help!

Lite-Commercial Interior Design

Freshen up your Office

Simple Makeovers to Full-Scale Remodels, we can help freshen up your office to achieve a look that represents your brand.


Simple, No-Committment Interior Design

Working via the web, we can create a customized Design Plan based on your want and needs, for ANY budget.

From a simple, customized, color palette to a Full-Design Plan... we get you going on your Design Makeover!

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