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Paige Castellini

Paige K. Castellini

Interior Designer/Owner

Paige K. Castellini has been an Interior Designer for over 24 years. After working in High-end Interior Design for 11 years, Paige took the philosophy of her design practices and scaled them down to give her clients that expensive look.... for less. 

Paige looks for affordable options for all of her clients, regardless of their budget, which keeps them coming back time after time.


After a 10 year successful business in Cincinnati, Paige, and her husband, decided to throw caution to the wind and pick up and move to Florida to enjoy the beautiful weather and all the wonderful activities it offers.  Focusing on helping people update their Vacation Rental, Personal Residence, and Small Business Offices...


Paige also offers simple, NO commitment consultations to help give you advice or guide you in the right direction.


Paige has received degrees in both Interior Design as well as a BFA in Fine Arts; and, was previously an instructor of Interior Design at Antonelli College in Cincinnati, Ohio; teaching Residential Design, Accessorizing, Selling Techniques, Business Practices, and Drawing.

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